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Executive Summary

Welcome to the world of Sacred Tails
The vibrant world of Sacred Tails was inspired by the Hida-Takayama village in Japan, tapping into the rich ancestry and cultivating a non-custodial and completely decentralized play-to-earn 3D blockchain-based battle game that aims to disrupt the current P2E landscape by offering innovative foundation to owning digital assets and utilizing them for accumulating equitable long-term rewards and incentives.
Sacred Tails is the BNB Chain's latest addition to the play-to-earn space, taking its inspiration from the nostalgic greats of the past and manifesting the idea of a free-formed world to provide players an open world experience on web3 that enables them to explore, battle, train, interact and simulate, but at the same time providing opportunity to turn time invested into monetary pay-outs.
Sacred Tails is built on the foundations of strategy and disregards common derivatives recognised in the pay to earn structure seen in most NFT games today, which makes it a sustainable long-term protocol for earning, competing and team building. Sacred Tails introduces the fantasy breed Shinsei that plays a pivotal role as ownable NFTs. As Shinsei serve as the entry point to the game, each one is uniquely designed to lay down a strategic foundation for gameplay and play style. Having stats generated that depend on rarity traits allows for a much richer strategic dynamic.
Sacred Tails is inevitably disrupting the NFT gaming market, by building an earning ecosystem that is not based on player capital, but instead strives to create the most sustainable and fair gaming atmosphere for players that are looking to capitalize on synergy and strategy in order to not only indulge in a true player journey, but also giving them the ability to make a financial gain from it. Sacred Tails is built on the principles of providing the same opportunity to every player and prioritizing the player experience, rather than solely focusing on the P2E elements of blockchain gaming.
Sacred Tails aims to drive mass acceptance by the broader gaming community by addressing problems that blockchain technology can solve, rather than presenting NFTs and digital assets as a speculative earning opportunity.
Compared to traditional play to earn games, Sacred Tails also aims to create other sources of earning such as tournaments and sponsorships, while allocating opportunity to streamers as well as sponsored gamers in order to drive survivability and sustainability in blockchain gaming.