An Introduction to Sacred Tails

Sacred Tails

Sacred Tails is a NFT MMO blockchain backed battle game, with the Beta anticipated for 28th August 2022.
Sacred Tails prides its focus on strategy and chance simulation, by having RNG elements involved it ensures that the game never becomes pay to win. Providing every opportunity to players no matter your financial situation. This is truly what competition should be, a fair playing ground for all.
Built for efficiency, the game is centred around NFTs, mystical creatures called Shinsei. Each Shinsei is fully unique with 13 different elements, 5 different rarity tiers and 5 different body parts in each element. The rarity of the body parts also corresponds to the in game stats, providing incredibly strong utility without compromising the quality of the art itself. By implementing diversity in characterization, Sacred Tails prolongs game life and sustains excitement, learning from overlooked feedback in GameFi that has led other blockchain games to become stale and stagnant with lack of diversity and continuous updates.
The first batch also known as the legacy NFTs will be capped at 3000 with the anticipated mint date on 16th July 2022. By participating in the NFT mint you will be granted access into the exclusive Beta where you will be able to battle other players in game with your Shinsei. Although Shinsei can be bred, the initial offerings are a special class called Legacy Shinsei. To reward early adopters they will grant access to exclusive Legacy Tournaments and much more.
Unlocking GameFi potential, Sacred Tails brings immersive Meta-Hubs, our very own world to log into with others and truly immerse yourself. Granting increased connectivity and decentralized custody to players, giving them access to unleash their imagination in the most open and limitless GameFi protocol on the BNB Chain thus far.
Too often in the GameFi space we see a strong emphasis on how much a player can earn. By allowing this mentality to become normalised it takes away the very essence of what games are. Sacred Tails provides what is a sustainable earning mechanism while delivering on what gamers truly love, which is entertainment and immersion.
The correct P2E formula has yet to be discovered, as many games attempt to control inflation with tax hikes on their marketplaces, which in turn becomes detrimental towards the game community. At Sacred Tails, players rewards are based on their accomplishments during monthly timeframes. Monthly tournaments with huge accrued prize pools will be executed, ensuring we create an electrifyingly competitive scene. Players will be able to qualify for tournaments dependent on their overall rankings per month. The focus is on player enjoyment and retention and not only financial gain.

Sacred Tails and the relevance of DeFi Adoption

The project's main objective is to develop a completely autonomous, decentralized game. DeFi applications have had amazing growth and quick development over the past 18 months, and especially over the previous six. Hundreds of DeFi initiatives are already taking off, ranging from trading, lending, and wallet interfaces to assets and communities with a combined worth of over 15 billion US dollars. DeFi enables us to take use of this exciting growth and build a financially sound platform that can take advantage of the growing market demand for DeFi projects.
Since they are ultimately unsustainable, "novelty ventures" that don't bring real value are already beginning to lose favour. We firmly think that a decentralized gaming industry allows aficionados of cryptocurrencies, blockchains, and DAOs to combine with players seeking unrestricted access free from commercial influence.
Sacred Tails aims to combine gaming and cryptocurrency in a distinctive way that will appeal to crypto aficionados, devoted gamers, and the curious tech-savvy public. There are presently no AAA gaming games with cinematic grade 3D special effects in an immersive open-world RPG created in DeFi. $ST will maintain players' interest in the protocol longer by offering stunning, useful, and exceptional NFTs in addition to a high replay value, assuring the durability of the underlying NFT assets and the token pool.