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Solutions with Sacred Tails

Blockchain games frequently fail, causing early investors to lose their time and money. The fact that the GameFi sector is still in its infancy, in our opinion, is the main problem in this situation. The optimum answer is still being sought for by game producers, who are still attempting to comprehend how the entire ecosystem functions. The fault resides in the viewpoint and angle from which these programs approach problem-solving.
In a typical pitch, many developers will talk about their tokenomics, utility, team, roadmap, etc. They don't, however, discuss how their approach successfully handles the issues facing the sector. Because they only have one token and are soliciting money from early-stage investors, they run the danger of having all of their potential value removed before the project's plan is finished. Other aspects, including games not being enjoyable to play, also present problems for the business today. Without a proper balance of value extractors and producers, an economy will never be sustained.
Sacred Tails aims to combat these issues while disrupting the future of play-to-earn. We seek to encourage gaming to reward the genuinely worthy by strategic planning and incremental execution. We are passionate about releasing the previously untapped potential of the gaming industry and drawing inspiration from the games we loved playing as children. While blockchain gaming is still in its infancy, our goal is to create a legacy, not just a game.
The Sacred Tails ecosystem will draw more attention than other projects because of the early implementation of our Metaverse worlds. As a result, it will result in more engagement and a devoted following, both of which are necessary, to encourage the trade and exchange of the $ST token. Sacred Tails will continue to increase the circulation of assets to establish a healthy gaming economy in order to maintain the balance and durability of the game.
The entire foundations of Sacred Tails were built for the purpose of providing an insanely addictive and personal touch with the in game worlds allowing for a multitude of various activities and minigames. Customisation of your own Shinsei and Land plots create an even more immersive feel.
Weekly and monthly rewards dependant on your performances will show that there is a better way to reward players. Not only will players get rewards weekly/monthly, they will also be eligible for different tiered tournaments, depending on your monthly performance you can qualify for some of the highest tiered tournaments free of charge.
By working with the appropriate sponsors and exposure avenues, the open-world system's limitless possibilities enable us to continuously deliver fresh material to consumers. The ST metaverse will be developed, improved, and maintained using the funds created. This, combined with the hard work of our development team, guarantees that the platform will keep delivering thrilling and constantly-evolving experiences to keep the game vibrant and compelling over time.