A New Era in Play-to-Earn Gaming

Traditional NFT games often focus on purchasing digital assets, holding onto them, and waiting for their value to increase. While some NFT games allow players to use their assets in gameplay, we believe there is significant room for improvement in fostering a deeper connection between players and their NFTs. This realization led us to create Sacred Tails and our unique concept of Shinsei.
We saw the potential in bridging the gap between gaming and NFTs by providing a rich, emotionally engaging experience. Sacred Tails transcends the metaverse, allowing players to interact with each other while exploring and engaging in an immersive gaming environment.
Within Sacred Tails, players will encounter mysterious and fierce creatures known as Shinsei. As players journey through various regions in this sacred land, they befriend, train, and nurture these creatures.
Sacred Tails features its own in-game currency, $STS, which can be obtained using its native token. The game also boasts a unique collection of NFTs that players can use within the game, starting with the one-of-a-kind legacy Shinsei.
By moving away from traditional blockchain gaming formats, we aim to provide sustainability, longevity, and fairness for all players. Sacred Tails simplifies this process by eliminating distractions and allowing players to immerse themselves in the game. Players are not constantly burdened with gas fees for even the smallest changes in their gameplay. Additionally, transactions are much faster, as we build on the BNB Chain, enabling players to focus on what they came to do: explore, collect, battle, and earn.