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Game Features


PVP combat in Sacred Tails is designed to be a real-time tactical battle system that leverages the strengths and weaknesses of the Shinsei elements. Players will be able to engage in intense battles with other players, using their mastery of the elements to gain an advantage in combat.


While waiting for the full release of Sacred Tails, players will be able to enjoy a taste of the game's rich and diverse universe through engaging mini games. From fishing minigames to tactical strategy games like chess and poker, the minigames in Sacred Tails are designed to provide a fun and entertaining experience for all players.


Sacred Tails features a range of tournaments that offer players the chance to compete for large prizes. Daily schedules run all day, every day, with entry fees varying depending on the tournament. Players can jump into the action whenever they are ready, participating in knock-out style tournaments that provide a unique and exciting gaming experience.

Land Plots

In Sacred Tails, players will have the opportunity to claim their own land plots, where they can build their own Shrines to increase their breeding capabilities and create their own unique mark on the game world. These land plots will be a valuable resource for players, providing a place to call home and a foundation for their adventures in the Sacred Tails universe.

Guild Houses

Guild Houses in Sacred Tails serve as a central hub for players to come together and form communities. They provide a space for players to plan and execute their next moves, and to socialize with other members of their guild. Whether used for strategy or for socializing, Guild Houses are an integral part of the Sacred Tails experience.