Guild Housing

An example of Guild Housing
Guild houses are plots of land available for sale inside the world of Sacred Tails that grant the player privileges to officially form a guild in the world of Sacred Tails. What's more, they also will gain the ability to customise their guild space in a huge variety of different ways. Potentially giving all guilds a completely unique personality.
Players can recruit members to join their guild and help further evolve it, with an internal chat feature for Guild Members only and an internal rankings system designated by the Guild Owner.
Another Guild Housing example
Guilds will play a prominent part in the future of Sacred Tails with huge Guild only tournaments being a strong feature of play. Not only for monetary gain but for prestige across the realm, winners of tournaments will acquire special items and a place in the hall of fame archives.
Not only will players be able to create their own Guilds but we will be reaching out to current and potential partners offering them Guild Housing to exponentially increase our reach output. Encouraging Guilds to not only invest in the world of Sacred Tails but to competitively battle and build inside of our world.