Land Plots & Open World

Early Concept Sketches of Shrines
In-game Land Plots are obtainable NFTs that provide energy bonuses in addition to other advantages. With various Shinsei and shrine combinations offering an ever-increasing possibility of combinations, players may construct shrines on land plots that increase the likelihood of exceptional breeding. The user may design each plot, making it their own, and invite anybody they wish to receive visitation from. Land plots also provide them daily energy boosts so they can play and earn more.
One of the most important aspects of Sacred Tails that will enhance the virtual environment is its open-world design. It not only increases the variety of player interactions, but it also satisfies a social need that goes well beyond the game. Through the limitless exploring opportunities in this vast open environment, players may also create their own networks and interact socially, providing a fully custodial and enclosed ecosystem for players.
Stores Concept
Sacred Tails has an in-game stadium where we will be hosting the biggest tournaments ever seen in the P2E space. We also will be hosting AMAs bringing real interaction in-game with the project team itself, further benchmarking our position as a social, interactive ecosystem within the blockchain gaming industry.
Early concept sketches for the inside view of the ST Stadium