Minigames in Sacred Tails will offer players a fun and engaging way to pass the time and earn rewards for their hard work. In addition to providing a way to relax and play with friends, minigames also serve as a testament to players' skills and provide a way to personalize their in-game experience. These minigames will offer players the chance to earn points, which can be redeemed for cosmetics and consumables to enhance their in-game experience.
One such minigame is fishing, where players can upgrade their fishing rods to increase the pool of fish they are able to catch. Benefiting their Shinsei by feeding them rare fish will grant special boosts in battle, dependent on the rarity of the fish and the element of the Shinsei. Different types of bait and the ability to fish with friends add to the depth of this minigame.
Another example is chess and poker, which can be played in the tavern with friends or with players from around the world. Darts is also a popular option, providing players with the opportunity to showcase their accuracy and aim. Whether playing for fun or for prizes, the variety of minigames in Sacred Tails will offer something for everyone.
As Sacred Tails moves into the live stages of development we will be listening to the community on potential minigame offerings we intend to develop. By making use of our DAO governance system, we want to give players a voice on what we build next.