Sacred Tails Token

V2 Mechanics

Max Supply: 1,000,000,000 $ST
Sacred Tails Token Smart Contract: 0x1e4f2Ab406aa9764Ff05a9a8c8bF6B1c8B6f531F
  • Buy & Sell Taxes have been capped – Sacred Tails currently has its Buy/Sell taxes fixed at 5%.
  • Governance – Sacred Tails will be utilizing its own DAO to allow all holders to vote on aspects of the game going forward. Such proposals will include tournament structures and new expansions, as well as the order of implementation for these things. Holders can vote in order to pioneer certain directions that the protocol takes in favour of the investors.
  • Auto Reflections – Reflections are taxes paid back to each and every holder of $ST. During times of high volume, this can increase a holders position exponentially.
The Sacred Tails token is the primary currency utilized in the game, facilitating a strategically planned reward mechanism that pools funds and enables players to earn by playing. $ST has a buy/sale tax that contributes towards building up the treasury to propel development, and to also extend the ecosystem.
The following displays the breakdown for buy/sell taxation allocation, with token purchases/sells having a 5% tax.
Taxation Critieria
Tournament Prize Pool
Liquidity Providers
Token Buys
Token Sales

Tournament Prize Pools

As Sacred Tails aims to bring innovative earning systems from traditional e-sports to blockchain, we also aim to lay down the fundamentals of normalizing e-sports in the blockchain gaming space. This is the key to attracting gamers and crypto enthusiasts with an alluring and substantial pool of prizes, which we will use to organize events and tournaments that will spark the launch of Sacred Tails and help us build a strong brand within the P2E industry.

Treasury and Development

The allotted 2 percent will make sure that enough money is raised to allow us to find and hire top-tier talent to create the gameplay and forward the development of Sacred Tails. This will provide a platform that combines a first-rate user experience with dependable technology, enabling us to build a long-term, scalable business.

Rewarding Liquidity Providers

Token buys/sells are subject to a 5% tax, which will promote yield farming for increased liquidity. We will progressively release NFTs in the form of land plots and other incentives to the public that can only be acquired with $ST, as opposed to using the standard dividends route. The goal of our strategy is to encourage the use of local currency for all internal transactions, which reduces supply and encourages procurement from a variety of sources. This further rewards token holders with a low sell pressure for long term sustainability.