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Updated Contracts & V2

Only July 13, 2022, Sacred Tails migrated its token contracts over to the CertiK audited V2 DAO.
The new contracts offer a range of benefits to token holders as well:
  • Buy & Sale Taxes have been capped – Sacred Tails currently has its buy / sale taxes fixed at 5%.
  • Governance – Sacred Tails will be utilizing its own DAO to allow all holders to vote on aspects of the game going forward. Such proposals will include tournament structures and new expansions, as well as the order of implementation for these things. Holders can vote in order to pioneer certain directions that the protocol takes in favour of the investors.
  • Auto Reflections – Reflections are taxes paid back to each and every holder of $ST. During times of high volume, this can increase a holders position exponentially.

Sacred Tails Token Smart Contract: 0x1e4f2Ab406aa9764Ff05a9a8c8bF6B1c8B6f531F