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Additional Shinsei Elements

When Sacred Tails launches, players will have the opportunity to uncover and battle with a variety of unique Shinsei. As time passes breeding will increase the total pool of Shinsei available. The scarcity of the first generation, known as Legacy Shinsei, will ensure their value increases over time. With only 5880 in existence, the Legacy Shinsei will become more and more rare as player counts grow. Additionally, their Legacy trait is not transferable through breeding, making them truly finite. Own a piece of Sacred Tails history with a Legacy Shinsei.

World Expansion

The world of Sacred Tails is a huge place, and the settlers have only just begun to scratch the surface. New land will give adventurers new places to explore and new rivals to find. Worlds will be progressively released as the game further develops and cultivates into a legacy, taking into account community feedback and making the experience user-centric.

Additional Mini Games

As we move ever closer to the full release of Sacred Tails, we recognize the value of providing our players with a glimpse of the game's immersive and dynamic world. To further enhance the gaming experience, we are creating a variety of mini games that will bring the Sacred Tails universe to life. These mini games will range from tactical strategy games, such as chess and poker, to more laid back activities such as fishing, giving players the choice to play their way.