A Revolutionary Disruption of Play-To-Earn

The typical paradigm of the majority of NFT games has lost all appeal and purpose from the outset. Purchase a digital asset, retain it, and wait for its value to rise. You may purchase NFTs and use them to play some games. Although a significant improvement, we thought the experience could have been refined substantially. Players and NFTs needed to have a personal connection to one another, thus was born the concept of Shinsei. We saw the gap and the potential it presented, but we didn't want to stop there. We wanted to offer the most distinctive and novel solution: an emotional journey that was continually engaging and fulfilling from discovery to exchange.
Beyond the metaverse, Sacred Tails lets users to interact with each other while playing and exploring a totally customizable environment that they may construct as they choose.
Inside Sacred Tails, you will encounter mysterious, and combative creatures called Shinsei. On your journey through the many meta-worlds of this sacred land, you befriend, train and nurture them.
Sacred Tails consists of its very own in-game currency, $STS that can be obtained using its native token as well as its very own unique collection of NFTs utilized to play the game, starting with the one-of-a-kind legacy Shinsei.
As we divert away from the traditional blockchain gaming formats, we aim to not only provide sustainability to players, but also longevity and fairness for all. This crucial procedure is made much simpler by Sacred Tails, which removes all distractions and allows players to just explore and take in the scenery. Players are not constantly barraged with gas costs for even the smallest modification to their gameplay. Additionally, transactions go considerably more quickly as we build on the BNB Chain, allowing players to concentrate on what they came to do: explore, collect, battle, and earn.